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February 24, 2005


I have a contact in one of the other departments here at the good ol' job and somebody asked me today if I had a number for that area. So I gave my co-worker the information and she called this person. This person proceeded to tell my co-worker that the only reason she helped me was because I was a friend and that my co-worker needed to call the 800 number for the department. Then this person called and left me a voice-mail chewing me out for giving someone her information and she sent me an e-mail telling me the same thing.

I just want to call her back and tell her that maybe if her department would submit their 800 number for the 'who to call' list, then I wouldn't have to be giving out her information to my co-workers. She's a supervisor in that department and she should be helping her customers, whether they're employees of the company or not.

I can't stand when people refuse to help others and get crabby about this shit. I personally get calls on a weekly basis from other areas and I have no idea where they get my number from, but I help them because that's MY JOB!

Posted by Jenny at February 24, 2005 01:01 PM