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July 30, 2005

Another Kid Story

Over at my friend's house, and her daughter wants to tell a story. So here you go.

Once there was a girl that didn't like school, she had blue eyes and black hair. So one day she went to get some glue, but then she found a hidden door. She went in the door and found an old hidden classroom, there sign read room 179. Stacy never heard of room 179 so she was pretty creeped out. Then she heard a voice, She turned around and found a ghost. The ghost's name was cary. She was very nice to Stacy and Stacy was nice to cary. Everyday Stacy would come to room 179 to see cary. But one day she was being followed and when the person saw cary he ran off and told the principal. The principal was a little bit crazy in the head so right away she ordered the room closed for good. Stacy was very unhappy with the room being closed down so Stacy went to the principal's office the next day and told the principal of what she was going to do if she didn't reopen the room, and as I've said before the principal is a little crazy so right away she unclosed the room and cary was so happy to see Stacy but to bad she could not touch her. But in the end she still was happy to at least see her and room 179 was now protected so only Stacy could go in there.

Posted by Jenny at July 30, 2005 09:13 PM