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July 30, 2005

Another Kid Story

Over at my friend's house, and her daughter wants to tell a story. So here you go.

Once there was a girl that didn't like school, she had blue eyes and black hair. So one day she went to get some glue, but then she found a hidden door. She went in the door and found an old hidden classroom, there sign read room 179. Stacy never heard of room 179 so she was pretty creeped out. Then she heard a voice, She turned around and found a ghost. The ghost's name was cary. She was very nice to Stacy and Stacy was nice to cary. Everyday Stacy would come to room 179 to see cary. But one day she was being followed and when the person saw cary he ran off and told the principal. The principal was a little bit crazy in the head so right away she ordered the room closed for good. Stacy was very unhappy with the room being closed down so Stacy went to the principal's office the next day and told the principal of what she was going to do if she didn't reopen the room, and as I've said before the principal is a little crazy so right away she unclosed the room and cary was so happy to see Stacy but to bad she could not touch her. But in the end she still was happy to at least see her and room 179 was now protected so only Stacy could go in there.

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July 26, 2005

So much better

The heat wave has finally broken. After the rains early this evening, the humidity finally left and it's safe to go outside.

Of course, knowing that it might rain, I looked for my umbrella before getting on the train to go to work this morning but I couldn't find it. So walking across the street to the train platform after work in the pouring rain was not so much fun. A nice woman who was leaving my building at the same time asked if I was going to the train and shared her umbrella with me. So only one arm got complete soaked. And my pants almost up to my knees. The sidewalk next to the platform? A lake, so my shoes were nasty and wet.

I called Wendy while I was waiting and jokingly told her that if I wasn't home in a couple of hours, it was because I got hit by lighting while standing outside. Not far from reality actually. The train was in the tunnel at the main airport terminal when the conductor announced that lightning had hit the power lines near the charter terminal and we were going to have to wait until they got some power going again. After about 10 minutes, we got underway again, but only at 1/4 of the normal speed. They said the power was still out so we were running on the secondary stuff and the tracks were pretty much flooded coming up out of the tunnel.

But, we all arrived safe and sound at our final destinations, so that's all that really matters.

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July 20, 2005


Exactly why do I find it so difficult to say no to people?

It usually goes something like this:

"Hey Jenny, would you mind putting together the photos for our presentation?"

"Why sure, I'd love to! Just shoot me off an e-mail letting me know what pics you want included and I'll get right on it!"

Do you see what I mean? The initial gut reaction is always 'Oh sure, it's on a computer, I can do it.'

So here I sit, at 1:41 in the morning, putting together a powerpoint presentation of our mission trip to Oklahoma. We give the presentation Sunday after church, but we're having a meeting at 7:00 tomorrow evening (I suppose now it's really this evening) to go over it and make sure everything is where it belongs.

Well guess what. Everything is not where it belongs right now. In fact, it's a long way from where it belongs. It looks like I know what I'll be doing at work tomorrow.

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July 18, 2005

Defining Happiness

My personal definition of happiness today is as follows:

Seeing your boss shoving tacos in his face in between innings during a contest at a baseball game on Friday, taking pictures, and harrassing him and sharing said pictures with the entire department.

True happiness indeed!!!!!

(And yes, I showed him the pictures before I sent them out to other people. I'm not completely heartless after all, and I would like to keep my bill-paying job.)

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July 10, 2005

Shit List

United Airlines just made it onto my shit-list. Why? Because Wendy's flight is delayed and yours truly is picking her up.

She was supposed to be landing in 5 minutes, but guess what? Her plane hasn't even taken off from Chicago yet! Nothing like an airline to make a good night bad.

How late.jpg

I'm pretty sure the last thing she wants right now is to be sitting on a plane. If I were her, I'd just want to be in my own bed sleeping, or at least very close to it.


As I was typing this post, they updated the departure/arrival time.

How late 2.jpg

Do you see the time getting later?

**Update #2**

She's in the air!!

How late 3.jpg

**Update #3**

Hallelujah! She's home! Finally!

How late 4.jpg

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Wendy Update #3

Well, just got another call from Wendy. She actually did finish up the walk yesterday afternoon (got bored sitting on the bus) and did the final leg of the walk today. She has to miss the closing ceremonies because of her flight time and she's a little bummed about it, but what can you do?

I'll be picking her up from the airport tonight, and you might get an update out of her, or you might not. She did just walk 60 miles after all.

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July 09, 2005

Start your engines!

Went down to Elko tonight to watch the races. It was NASCAR driver night, and there were four of them there. Kasey Kahne, Jamie McMurray, Carl Edwards and Jason Leffler. Did I mention that Kasey is my NASCAR boyfriend? I didn't? Well he is, and he's even hotter in person then on TV. My dad went with me tonight and asked if I would still think he was hot if he wasn't a NASCAR driver. My response? He's totally the kind of guy you try to sneak a picture of with your camera phone if you saw him walking down the street. Hot!

So they ran two 10 lap grudge races and my boy won the first. They inverted the finishing order of the first race for the start of the second, so he started from last. He ended up finishing 3rd in the second, and Carl Edwards won. Carl did his trade-mark backflip victory from the car, but sadly, I wasn't close enough to get a picture of it. I tried, but there was a post in my way. Alas, you can't get all of the shots you want.

All in all a very fun night. I'll have to be heading down there again soon for some more races. Maybe on Labor Day when Wendy's NASCAR boyfriend is there!

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Wendy Update #2

Just talked to Wendy, and she's doing well. She had to quit today after 17.2 miles due to pre-existing feet problems and she wanted to be able to walk tomorrow.

Last night they slept in a gym because it was raining so bad, so of course her back was killing her today.

Tomorrow, she'll finish up the walk and fly on home to Minnesota.

Oh, and apparently United Airlines is not happy with her. She didn't want to check her bag on the way there, so she tried putting it in the overhead and of course it didn't fit. So they had to take the bag and throw it in with the rest of the luggage. Alas, so much for trying to make things easier once they got to Boston!

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July 08, 2005

Wendy Update

Got my first call from Wendy for the weekend and she arrived in Boston this evening.

On tap tonight, sleeping like a baby.

Tomorrow, she get's to start walking 60 miles!!!!!


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July 01, 2005

Kids + Firecrakers = ???

Brushfire. In the backyard across the street. Who needs to go out looking for hot firemen when they're parked at the bottom of your driveway for a couple of hours?

Don't worry, no one was hurt and the fire was put out, but damn I hope all of those neighborhood boys across the street get grounded for life.

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