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October 15, 2005

Here in NE

Well, I'm in Norfolk, Nebraska now, and I was able to get an internet connection here. My first presentation today went really well, but it was to a group of about 15 grandmothers. I do really well with grandmothers. I don't feel the same pressures talking to them that I do talking to my peers. I guess it's because no matter who you are, you can always talk to your grandma and one person's grandma is a lot like anothers.

About the only downside to the whole day was that I did the presentation on an almost empty stomach. My host last night made an egg bake of sorts this morning, and I'm sorry to say it wasn't the greatest thing I've eaten. This was followed up by a potluck lunch where I couldn't identify any of the hot dishes being served. At least back home when it's a potluck I can recognize what I'm eating. This afternoon I had no clue. And the dishes that were presented just weren't to my liking. My first meal of the day was essentially dinner, and you can't go wrong when you order from Pizza Hut.

Tomorrow I'll be speaking to a group of about 50 during the Sunday School hour and then I also have about a 5 minute bit during the service at the First Baptist Church of Norfolk. I'm sure it will go well, but I always get the jitters. I hope they're a receptive audience and that the young people of the church will listen to what I say and decide that they can participate in the Xtreme Team program. The last couple of years have really been a struggle getting enough people to go on the trips they have planned.

If you are a Baptist and attend an American Baptist Church, please have the young adults at your church check out this program. I guarantee, they will see and Xperience things they never thought possible.

I guess that's the end tonight's post. I'll be at church bright and early tomorrow morning setting up the laptop to a projector or TV so everyone can see the show.


Posted by Jenny at October 15, 2005 11:18 PM