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November 12, 2005

Once again I'm struck by the stupidity of others

I was over at my friend's (MF) tonight when she got a phone call from her ex's kid, LP. He was asking if he could come over, and of course MF said yes. He and his fiancee (PF) got kicked out of the place they were staying and needed someplace to crash for the night. Once they got to the house, we got the whole story.

LP and PF were staying at with one of his friend's. Yesterday evening his friend and his friend's girlfriend got into a fight and things started going past the point of just a fight. So LP, being the moral and humane person that MF raised him to be, decided he needed to step in and diffuse the situation, in his words, because if he didn't it would be the same thing as if he were doing it himself. So he went into their room and asked his friend to go for a walk around the block, hoping to help bring things down from the boiling point. So his friend went with him outside, where his friend proceeded to punch him and tell him that he and PF should take their stuff and leave.

I feel so bad for LP and PF right now that it hurts. The kid is 19, just trying to get started in life, with a father who has essentially disowned him, grandparents who hate him, a mother he hasn't talked to in several years and now he's being kicked out of his house for trying to stop something bad from happening. And the only person he can turn to is his dad's ex, who has been more of a parent than either one of his real parents.

MF and I tried to tell him that he made the right decision, but it's still hard for him to accept. His decision cost him the roof over his head and basically put him out on the street. He and PF slept in their car last night, because he was afraid to call MF and ask to come over. MF did talk to him a little about that and let him know that if anything ever happens and they needs a place to stay, they can come over. He's just trying so hard right now to be a productive adult, to do all of the things he's supposed to, and the world just keeps slamming him back down. All he wants is to have a stable job, get a place of his own and get married. That's not too much to ask for, is it?

So what this all ultimately boils down to is that I really want to go and smack around his "friend" that kicked him out. How can you be such an ass about something like that. He was doing the right thing, the good thing. He doesn't deserve to be treated like dirt for that.

If you all want to send good vibes his way, that would be great. I'm sure he'd appreciate whatever he can get.

Now it's late and time for me to go to bed, so until next time, good night, sleep well and don't let the bedbugs bite.

Posted by Jenny at November 12, 2005 01:10 AM