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January 12, 2006

Sanity or Craziness?

I'm still freaking out a bit about everything that's going on right now, but I think I'm making headway on the new job-related stuff.

I got my first project today, and after reading through the requirements (which actually made sense to me) I was able to come up with specific ideas and thoughts relating to how it will affect my area and along the way I thought up a process improvement.

I'll be talking to my manager tomorrow about the process changes, and hopefully after a cost benefit analysis we can get started on getting something written to speed up the process.

And to make my day complete, I was listening to Green Day's Bullet In A Bible when all of a sudden I heard "Always look on the bright side of life. do,do...do,do...do,do,do,do,do,do." Who knew Green Day could do Monty Python? Just thinking about Life of Brian brings a smile to my face. How can you not love the Judean People's Front Suicide Squad when the singing starts after they've killed themselves? That is some funny stuff, man.

Posted by Jenny at January 12, 2006 12:42 AM