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March 30, 2006


I have got to be the biggest wuss in the world. I was watching Supernatural tonight, and I actually covered my eyes during part of it because somehow whatever was on the screen was going to come out of the TV and get me if I saw it.

I'm 28 and I can't even watch a slightly scary show. I did the same thing the first time I watched Signs.

I think I build up the suspense and horror inside my own head to the point where when the boogy-man jumps out, it's really just a big let down. I'm my own worst enemy with horror. I know it's going to happen and I scare the crap out of myself.

The most awful thing I ever did to myself was to watch Blair Witch at the drive-in. By myself. They were showing two horror movies that night, and I have no idea why I decided I just had to go, but I did. I don't really remember what the first movie was, but Blair was second. I think I spent about half the movie with my blanket over my head, but of course that didn't really work since half the movie is a dark screen anyway and it's all sound. So I spent the other half of the movie with my fingers in my ears and the radio turned down so I wouldn't hear it.

Then some punk-ass kids came down the aisle while the movie was still going on. They were being all sneaky and stuff and were trying to scare the people watching. You know what? It worked. I'd never experienced the feeling where you literally jump out of skin, but I did that night.

Needless to say, that was the last scary movie I watched for about 3 years.

So yes, I'm I wuss, but I still love to be scared, because in the end you know it's not real and nothing is coming to get you, not even a scary not-quite ghost with an axe.

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March 28, 2006

Career Change

Tonight I've decided I need to make a career change.

I went over to my friend's place, and was informed that her step-mom was having computer problems. We hopped in the car and went over, where I proceeded to spend the next couple of hours fixing her machine. I left the house with $50.00 in my pocket.

Yes, a job that makes $25 an hour would make me extremely happy.

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March 15, 2006

And they thought we didn't get snow anymore...

After a winter with hardly any snow, we sure are getting our fill of it this week.

After the 10-12 inches in my driveway (that doesn't count the bottom where the plows filled the bottom of it with 2 1/2 ft of snow) on Monday, it looks like we're in for another pretty good haul tomorrow.

Snow copy.jpg

See Apple Valley at the bottom of the map? I live next to that. That means another 8 inches to use my puny snowblower on.

I did however discover on Monday that I have the sweetest neighbor. After spending two hours trying to clean up the driveway and finishing just under half of it, I took a break to eat some lunch and rest up. I went back out a couple of hours later and was just getting the snowblower started back up when all of a sudden my neighbor comes up the driveway on the lawn tractor that has the snowblower attachement on the front of it. She had the rest of the driveway cleaned out in about 15 minutes, including all of that nasty wet snow the plow had left down at the bottom.

If I wasn't selling the house right now, I'd totally invest in one of those bad boys. If all I had to spend on the driveway was 20-30 minutes every time it snowed like that, it would pay for itself within 6 months.

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March 05, 2006

I know you want to buy it!!!

Well, my house is now officially on the market. We had an open house today and the realtor left a note saying we had 4 people come through and they all said the house showed well. He also said that it was a pretty good turnout considering it was snowing during most of the open house and the weather was flat out crappy. We can only hope that one of those 4 decides they really want to buy it and makes an offer.

If not, and you know anyone looking to move into the southern metro of the Twin Cities, let me know and I'll be happy to sell my house to you for the right price.

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