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May 08, 2006

The Celery Stalks at Midnight

This evening my cousin informed me that when she was doing some yard work earlier in the day she had seen big daddy bunny with two of his young offspring. One of the aforementioned offspring appeared to hop his way into the garage, so the garage door was left up until right around 8:00 so he could make his way back into the world.

Shortly before 9:00 this evening I went into the garage. What did a see but a baby bunny no bigger than the palm of my hand freaking the hell out in the middle of the garage. He promptly took off and hid behind the giant chest freezer that could easily hold a couple of bodies.

I went and got my cousin and the two of us went on a hunt to see if he had made it out while I was in the house. After about 10 minutes of searching we found the poor baby in a tiny little ball as far behind the freezer as he could make it. We found a box to put at one end of the freezer and I found the thing we use to clean out the gutters and thought, "This will be skinny enough to fit back there." So I gently prodded behind the freezer while my cousin bravely held the box in place, only after telling me that she better not get bit and get rabies.

The baby started hopping toward the box. My cousin kept me informed of where he was and he finally made it all the way into the box. When we opened the garage door to let him out, who was sitting underneath the big pine at the bottom of the driveway but big daddy bunny. He went home without one of his kids and his wife kicked him out until he found the little one and brought him back safely home.

After a successful catch and release, the little baby started hopping back towards the garage!! He knew he was in big trouble and that daddy was gonna kick his ass for wandering off earlier in the day. Thankfully, before he found the garage, he found a shrub to hide under.

Here's the little bugger after we caught him. Dreadfully scary, I know. I think I'll name him Bunnicula.

DSCF0008 resized.jpg

Posted by Jenny at May 8, 2006 11:36 PM