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February 13, 2007

Should not be allowed

I just read my post from Friday night. Drunk blogging should not be allowed. Ever.

Much intoxication on Friday followed by a pretty good hangover Saturday and cold that's been kicking my butt since Sunday.

Good times, people. Good times.

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February 10, 2007


i'm pretty sure i can't type right now. in fact. i'm pretty sure i can't do anything right now. i just had one of my coworkers drop me off at my house. we were having a little going away party for one of my friend's who's heading out to iraq soon. i'm typing this with one eye closed so i can see what i'm doing.

i know i sent a text to wendy when the dueling piano people playing at throwbacks started playing vanilla ice. and right now there are definitely two of everything. i figure it's been several years since i've been intoxicated like this, so it's all good. i just have to make sure my roommate brings me to my car tomorrow. or some else at least.

i swear, if my friend get's hurt in iraq, i'll go over there myself and kick his ass. at leaset i know he'll be at a base that is relatively secure while he works on heliocopters. yep, kick his ass. i'm pretty sure i shouldn't attend any more of his going-away parties if this is how they end up.

no more alcohol for me.

spinning and one eye to see. not so good.

talk to you later, and i might delete this post when i'm sober enough to realize what i've typed.

later, dude.

p.s. i may have actually put the right link to wendy's site. but i could be wrong.]

good night. i'll sleep the drink off now.

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