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March 27, 2007


Another whirlwind trip to Pittsburgh completed. I love these work trips where we fly in on a Monday afternoon, meet all day Tuesday and leave Tuesday evening. This is twice I've been to Pittsburgh, and I haven't seen a damned thing other than my hotel, a restaurant and the offices we were at.

I was worried about the flight home as soon as a boarded. There was a 5 year-old in front of me, a two year-old on the lap of the woman next to me, a newborn behind me and a two and three year-old across the aisle from me. All was well until we started our descent, and I know all of their ears hurt because they were crying. And then the two year-old next to me threw up. At least he didn't throw up on me. I felt so bad for his mom. She looked exhausted and ready to be home and they still had another leg of their trip left before they were home. She was so apologetic, but I know there's nothing she could do about. He really was a cute kid and once we were at cruising altitude, he fell asleep, so it's not like he was a terror. I've sat next to those kids before.

But at any rate, I'm home and get to sleep in my own bed tonight, so this is all you're getting from me.

Posted by Jenny at March 27, 2007 10:39 PM