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April 06, 2007

Put the book away

I found a new author, and I'm happy that he's already got nine books out, because in the last week I've torn through the first seven. The majority of my reading comes from the sci-fi/fantasy rack at the bookstore, and this series is no exception. The difference between these and what I usually read is that these take place in modern-day Chicago and are told in the first person.

I absolutely love first-person storytelling. You get to hear what the character is thinking from his perspective, and I have to tell you, the main character of these books is one sarcastic son of a bitch. It's totally my kind of humor and the first seven books have kept me laughing for the last two weeks. I'm also glad I found the books when I did, since dog-sitting at someone's house that is located in the middle of nowwhere kind of limits your social activities.

Posted by Jenny at 09:07 AM

April 05, 2007

Hello again

I'm sitting here with a 60 pound dog sleeping on my feet. I'm dog-sitting for a friend while he and his family are out of town. This is great, except for the fact that he thinks he needs to be a lap dog. A 60 pound lap dog. I think he totally misses his family. I'm just not the same. But his mom and dad will be home in a couple of days, and then he'll be a happy camper.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on here. Work is work, life is life, and God willing, we'll all be here tomorrow to do it all over again.

Posted by Jenny at 10:08 PM